Due to the lack of essential business and purdah the Parish Council meeting scheduled for 27 March 2019 has been cancelled.
Please note the date of the next meeting Wednesday 15 May 2019


Threapwood Parish Council are looking for a volunteer to edit The Threapwood Times, if you can help please contact the Clerk Richard Salmon clerk@threapwoodparishcouncil.co.uk

An Extraordinary Meeting has been called for Wednesday 21 November 7:30 pm at Chorlton WI Hall to consider the appeal for planning application P/2017/0799 (Wxm) for a poultry unit at Mulsford Farm, Sarn (Adjacent parish)

For details of the 2018 Annual Governance & Accountability Return please look under the heading Finance

Threapwood Parish Council have at their Extraordinary Meeting resolved to object to the proposed Poultry Unit in the adjacent village of Sarn.  To view the objection click on              Th 17 0799 Wrexham Objection

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council has been called for Wednesday 18th October to consider a planning application for an intensive poultry unit in Sarn (Adjacent Parish) 7.30 pm. in Shocklach Oviatt Primary School.

The Annual Return (Audit) for 2017 has been concluded with no matters giving cause for concern. A clean Audit. Audit 2017 Conclusion

Details of the Annual Return 2017 can be found under the heading Finance. Details of the Exercise of Public Rights click EoPR 2017

Quality March 2017  Details of Threapwood Parish Councils Quality Status.

Details of the January 2017 Budget can be found under the heading Finance Budget Report 2017 & Budget Jan 2017 Final

For details of the January 2017 meeting view Meeting Papers > January.

For meeting dates view the Calendar

For the Parish Council’s Action Plan view Action-plan-2016

For more Parish Council details view-

Threapwood Foundation Submission

Quality Submission


















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